Sufism : A Spiritual Way of Islam.

(Membelek-belek majalah lama Kolej yang sudah 19 tahun tak dijengah, terjumpa tulisan aku dalam Bahasa Inggeris untuk majalah tersebut. Barangkali itulah tulisanku yang pertama dan terakhir dalam Bahasa Inggeris buat masa ini.)

Sufism or Tasawwuf is one of the branches of Islamic knowledge other than the Tawhid (Theology) and Fiqh (Islamic Laws).It is a spiritual way too attain the recognition of Allah (rabbaniyyah). The sufists usually will travers the part of Tariqat ( a school of sufism) and sul (the way they train themselves). They will discard the longing for the life of materialism in this way. They fill their hearts with good virtues such as ikhlas (sincerity), tawaduk (humility), sabar (patience), wara’ (abstinence) and zuhd (asceticism).

They get rid of their bad atributes such as riya’ (vanity), kibr (arrogance), ‘ujb (conceit), hasad (envy) and hub al-dunya (love of the wold). Their path againts the carnal soul is called Mujahadah. In sufism studies, there are 7 levels of nafs (carnal soul).

1. Al-Nafs al-Ammarah. Anger. Lowest status of the carnal soul.

2. Al-Nafs al-Lawwamah . Self-criticism of the carnal soul.

3. Al-Nafs al-Mulhamah. Third rank, a step towards the perfect life.

4. Al-Nafs al-Mutma’innah . Calming of carnal soul. Inferior saint.

5. Al-Nafs al-Radhiyyah. Consenting of carnal soul towards all predestinations.

6. Al-Nafs al-Mardiyyah. The carnal soul recognizes Allah.

7. al-Nafs al-Kamilah . The carnal soul becomes perfect and the achievement of the ideal and perfect human being. Usually attained by the prophets and qutb al-awliya ( the grand saints).

As a conclusion, sufism is and important knowledge in Islam to bring us to the perfect and ideal meaning of life. Ritual without sufism elements have no significance.


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